Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Tips to Sell Your Home!!

Stay Similar, Just Better!

You’ve made the decision to sell. Your home has been listed in the MLS, you’ve hired an agent, but what’s next? Simply listing your home in today’s market is not enough to get it sold. It’s time to create a welcoming environment. This can be done several different ways and you won’t break the bank!

There is one simple key to selling your home. Create a home, not a house. If you can create an environment that allows potential buyers to imagine themselves living there, then you will be able to sell your home well before the competing homes. The key to creating this environment is fairly easy, stay neutral but different. You don’t want to make your home drastically different than other homes in the area, but you want it to stand out. You may start to create this feeling by making simple improvements to your home. The easiest way to stay neutral but stand out is to get potential buyers to say, “Wow, this home reminds me of the last house we viewed, only better”. There are several improvements from the outside in that can help your home stand out including:
  • Give your home a fresh coat of paint.
  • Replace old siding and roof shingles.
  • Remove dated light fixtures
  • Sweep the entryway and add a welcome mat
  • Mow, trim, and landscape without overdoing it
  • Don’t clutter your home with decorations
You need to understand that the outside of your home is the first impression. You want to create a welcoming entry while keeping in mind the amount of upkeep the yard will take. Homeowners understand the amount of work fancy landscaping takes and won’t be willing to manage the upkeep. Also, keep the front updated and get rid of any tacky yard decorations. You will be amazed at how buyer’s first impressions will affect their experience in your home.

However, don’t think for a second that decorating the outside is enough. A buyer may love the outside of your home but the second they step inside they can forget that great impression. Buyers want to walk into their future home not just another house. They want to have a great and welcoming experience not necessarily to be knocked off their feet. It’s great if your home has that natural “wow factor”, but you don’t need it to stand out. You can take simple steps to help your home stand out without that “wow factor”. Creating a clean and simple environment will encourage buyers to imagine their furniture in your home.
  • Start by cleaning every aspect of your home
  • Trash the clutter and store the personal mementos
  • Rearrange furniture
  • Focus on neutral tones and paint colors
  • Choose simple window treatments
The important aspect of creating the environment in your home is promoting your home’s strengths. If a potential buyer can see themselves in your home and visualize their furniture, you’re much more likely to sell your home quickly.
Obviously this is just a quick overview of what a homeowner can do. However, you need to stay informed. Stay up-to-date with the latest real estate and interior design trends to stay on the cutting edge. 

I’d love to meet with you and discuss potential ways to differentiate your home! I have a lot of inexpensive tricks and tips to help stage your home to get it sold! Feel free to call/text or email me anytime!

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