Friday, March 28, 2014

9 Home Improvements to Make before Selling Your Home

When you own a home it seems that you are in a constant state of home improvement (My favorite!!). 
Research has shown that your home will sell faster and for a higher price 
if you do just a few simple things to make it stand out...

1. Clean and De-clutter. If you don’t do anything else you MUST do this. It is very difficult for buyers to see themselves living in the home if they can’t see the floor or the walls because there is stuff everywhere. Cleaning seems obvious but I mean a true deep clean inside cabinets, bathrooms,  and closets. Purge or place in storage all the items that you do not need or don’t use daily. While you are cleaning and storing, take out personal items, it’s important to help the buyer envision how they will fit into the space. Lastly, all  guns, valuables or personal items should be locked away. If there is a drawer, assume that it will be opened, if there is a door assume someone will look  inside.

2. Curb Appeal and Entrance. The front and back of the home should pop. Making sure that the lawn is mowed, planting flowers, ensuring paint is fresh, the door is free from cobwebs or dirt, screens are not sagging or broken, and the porch should be clean and free from debris.

3. If it’s broken, fix it. If a door lock is broken, shingles are missing from the roof, or a faucet is leaky all these will be noticed by a prospective buyer and may lead them to believe other home maintenance tasks have  been neglected. Buyers tend to inflate the costs of home repairs and may assume that the costs to repair are about twice the actual cost, this may prompt them to look over your home or put in a much lower offer.

4. Paint. A new coat of paint will make your house look fresh, clean and updated. It’s like a “little botox” for your walls and will cover all  the cracks, creaks and the occasional dent. Before your paint, cover holes with putty and sand smooth, and for bigger holes, spray texture to make them look less obvious. In addition, don’t forget to look up. If your ceiling needs it, do it.

5. Floors. Flooring gets the most wear over any other piece of your home. If your flooring is screaming for some TLC consider doing so before  you put your house on the market. Carpet should be free from stains or damage, tile and hardwood should be clean and free from cracks, and linoleum should be  clean and free from holes or gouges. If you are in the market to put new floor in, hardwood is the gold standard for what buyers want most of the time and there are a variety of cost options for most budgets.

6. The Roof. Buyer’s aren’t just in the market for a roof over their head, they are looking for a roof that doesn’t leak, sag or need repairs. If your roof doesn’t need a complete overhaul make sure that there  aren’t any shingles that need replaced. While you are up there, it is also a great time to clean out those gutters and caulk them.

7. De-odorize. Remove anything that could potentially produce a less than desirable smell. The two biggest things are animals and smoke. Take pets with you when you leave for showings. If there is a smoker in the house consider having them go somewhere not on the homes parameter. It may sound harsh but smell is one of the first thing a buyer will notice, and smoke is impossible to cover up without it being obvious, not to mention that smoke clings to outdoor furniture as much as it does to indoor furniture. Other things to help de-odorize, replace furnace filters and deep clean the bathroom and kitchen to get rid of and prevent mold, mildew and bacteria.

8. The windows. New windows are expensive but nothing takes an older home up a few notches better than new windows. If you can’t afford to put new windows in, make sure that they are cleaned inside and out. Look at the sills and if they are cracked or yellowing, paint them. Lastly make sure that the blinds and window coverings are clean, and in good condition.

9. Staging. This is a big one!!! Right before you put your home on the market, make  your home sale ready. Research has shown that having your home staged can increase the chance of your home selling faster and for a higher sales price vs. not having it staged. You can hire a professional, or have a friend with an outsiders opinion come help. I stage all my listings for free and it makes a huge difference!

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